Web Analytics Wednesday (on Tuesday) and NetInsight Post-RUG cocktail event in Toronto!

Hello Good People of the NetInsight NING group,

It's been an exciting year thus far at Unica!
If you haven't heard in early January Unica acquired Pivotal Veracity a leader in the e-mail deliverability and reputation business (P.R. here) as well as today's exciting announcement of the acquisition of Search Bid Management provider MakeMeTop (P.R. here).

Continuing on our path to ensure that Unica provides a leading marketing analytics solution as well as ensuring that our existing customers are able to provide direct feedback to Unica we are ramping up on our "in-person" events in 2010.

Having already sponsored an exciting event in London on the 20th of January, we are driving right at another couple of events..... as soon as next week!

On Tuesday, February 9th, Unica will be co-sponsoring a Web Analytics Wednesday (on Tuesday) in Toronto at Spice Safar featuring Jim Sterne (@jimsterne) and myself (@OMLee).

Additionally on Thursday, February 11th, for existing Unica customers there is the Toronto Regional User Group meeting as well as a post RUG (open to everyone) NetInsight focused cocktail reception right around the corner from the RUG at Far Niente.

If you have any questions about any of these events please feel free to drop me a note!

Lee Isensee
Unica Corporation

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