Upcoming Unica Sponsored Web Analytics Wednesdays - Coming to a city near you!

Hello everyone,

It is great to see all the discussions going on with-in the NetInsight Ning group! Everyone seems to be doing some cool stuff with the product!

Hopefully Unica can help peel you away from your desks for a couple minutes to enjoy a drink (or two) on us and discuss with other industry experts in your area during one of the Web Analytics Wednesdays in your area.

Here are a couple of the upcoming WAWs that Unica is sponsoring:

Atlanta (3/11) - 5 Seasons Brewing, Westside @ 6:00pm
London (3/17) - Bluu Bar, 4 Moorgate @ 6:00pm (Hosted by Unica partner SCL)
Chicago (3/23) - 676 Restaurant & Bar in Chicago @ 6:00pm (Hosted by Unica partner Stratigent)
Philadelphia (4/14) - TBD
Seattle (4/21) - Tap House Grill @ 6:00pm

For the latest WAW events in your area, check out Web Analytics Demystified for the most up to date locations and times.

Thanks and have a great week!

Lee Isensee
Unica Corporation

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