The time has come... I've been worried about this happening since 2010 when IBM acquired Unica shortly after acquiring Coremetrics just a few weeks earlier.

IBM NetInsight is dead.

The last known NetInsight release was (a fix pack). released on Sept 5, 2014. If something horribly bad happens then IBM support may provide a patch, but there is no commitment. If you really, REALLY love NetInsight you can move over to a Netezza appliance ($$$) where you can purchase Digital Analytics On Premise, which is essentially NetInsight 9.0 but requires Netezza and does not work on Oracle, SQL Server, DB, or as an OnDemand product. For most people this is not an option because you've either moved to NetInsight OnDemand because it was more cost effective or do not have the budget to purchase a new database platform. If your company is already considering Netezza perhaps this will help you make the decision to go that way - NetInsight, errr Digital Analytics On Premise, really is crazy fast on Netezza like you could never imagine.

Unfortunately for most people this ends an era of awesome super extensible, multi-dimension, on-the-fly calculated metrics, any data source BI-like digital analytics that could not be matched by any other solution even today.

This change will put your company in an awkward situation of having to either keep a dead product (most companies won't allow that) or migrate to a new product. Luckily there are a lot of products on the market that are getting better and in many cases make some of what you could do in NetInsight even easier. The process to determine which of those solutions best meets your needs is complex, especially if you've built up expectations around all that NetInsight could do, and will require someone that knows the inner workings of NetInsight and the new solutions on the market.

If you are in this position, or expect to be in the future, let me know and I would be happy to talk about the typical details involved in a migration. My company (Search Discovery, see below) is currently assisting a number of clients go through this process including developing updated business requirements, vendor evaluations, product POCs, the migration from NetInsight to the new solution, and on-going service. I know this sounds like a pitch, and admittedly it is, but after 15 years of working with NetInsight I would hate to see other users come up short with what they move to next. This is about my passion for a great product and less about promoting other solutions.

Please reach out or comment on this post if you have any questions.

Lee Isensee
Director, Product Strategy
Search Discovery


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Comment by Mike Cottingham on June 4, 2015 at 9:31am

Sad, but not unexpected.  It will be interesting to see if other products evolve to provide similar back-end configuration and control that we found in NI.  While many products have evolved to create easier top tasks, NI's power has more to do with its back-end configurability, not to mention the broad business intelligence it could provide, OSIT.


Comment by Lee Isensee on March 25, 2015 at 4:06pm

IBM has also posted a Software Withdrawal / Support Discontinuation letter:

"Effective on August 8, 2014 and May 30, 2016, IBM will withdraw from marketing, part numbers from the following program licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement:"

Program number - 5725-D17

Program release name - IBM Unica NetInsight V8.5

Program number - 5725-D17

Program release name - IBM Unica NetInsight V8.6

"Support renewal part numbers remain active until May 30, 2016 to allow existing customers to renew support and to give customers time to evaluate IBM product alternatives. In accordance with Support policies, support services continue for current customers until the effective end of support date, September 30, 2017."

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