IBM Unica NetInsight Enterprise 8.5 New Features

Hello Everyone,


It has been a busy few months here at Unica (errr IBM) but we have not lost sight of our customer's needs!


We are proud to announce availability of the newest, post acquisition, version of NetInsight on premise, now formally known as IBM Unica NetInsight Enterprise, version 8.5.

This download is available today in Customer Central. If you need assistance in upgrading to this new version please contact either your professional services contact or reach out to technical support and they can direct you to the correct resource.


With the newest version of NetInsight Enterprise, the following are new capabilities that are available to you as part of the upgrade.


Mobile Analytics:

While NetInsight has provided a method to analyze mobile behavior in the past, it was dependent upon our vendor specific code. With this newest version IBM Unica has partnered with a leading mobile analytics company, Localytics, to provide the most detailed analysis available and integrated directly into your other NetInsight data.

The new integration allows for analysis of activities by mobile application users, including activities that occurred when users were offline from iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android applications.

The Localytics SDK provides the tools for creating and deploying your mobile applications. The mobile event data is captured by Localytics servers and stored in an Amazon S3 repository, included with your Localytics license. This data is imported to a mobile analysis profile in NetInsight for reporting.


Filtering numeric metrics:
For reports that contain numeric metrics, such as Number of Views or Number of Visits, you can limit data based on the values of those metrics. Right-click on the metric in the report header to access the filtering options. You can add multiple metric filters to a report. Right-click on a filter at the top of the report to remove or edit it. You can also drag and drop the metric onto the Discovery Panel to remove it.


Jump to page:
When a report contains multiple pages of results, you can use the Jump To Page button to jump to a specific page of the results, in addition to the previously available First, Previous, Next or Last. The Jump To Page button appears only when there are multiple pages of report results.


Jump to profile:
When viewing a profile, an end user can now use the Jump to profile drop-down list in the NetInsight menu to switch to any other (allowed) profiles without returning to the Profile Manager or the Homepage. You can choose to list the profiles by their short names or profile titles. The Jump to profile drop-down list appears only if you have access to more than one profile.


Show/Hide Chart link
You can choose to show or hide a report's chart using a toggle link at the top of the report. If you export the report when the chart is hidden, NetInsight exports the report without the chart.


Overlay for Renamed Content:
If you have used Search and Replace rules to modify page URLs when they are stored in NetInsight, you may have noticed inaccuracies in your data due to mismatches between these modified URLs and the URLs on your site. You can now use a Javascript callback function on your pages to replicate the URL manipulation that occurs in NetInsight so that the page URLs match the URLs stored in NetInsight.


There are many other great new capabilities in the new version of NetInsight and of course many performance improvements as well as other "under the hood" tweaks.

To read about all of them log into the IBM Unica Customer Central portal to access the "What's New" PDF.



Thank you for all of your support and continued use of the most detailed and true *analytics* driven solution in the industry! We know there will always a need for on premise analytics solution that doesn't cost an arm and a leg or requires a PhD to use.


Thank you,


Lee Isensee

Product Marketing Manager, IBM

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