Check out the closing remarks by Gary in his blog post about IBMs UNICA acquisition.

Its open for your discussion here..

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Comment by Lee Isensee on July 12, 2011 at 11:29am

Hello Ankur,


Much to the surprise of many people in the industry, that guessed that either Coremetrics or Unica NetInsight would be removed from the market, IBM has decided - as it had for a while - to keep both solutions and their unique capabilities.


In the case of Coremetrics and Unica NetInsight OnDemand, the products have been brought together into a combined solution which, without doubt, change the way people think about SaaS analytics. With regards to customers that are desiring an on premise solution, Unica NetInsight is (and will continue to be) the solution.


As you can see, IBM didn't purchase one company or another to remove products from the market but rather take the best of both to ensure success.


I hope this provides clarity and in the coming weeks you will get a better understanding of all the accomplishments made over the past couple months.


Thank you,


Lee Isensee

Product Marketing Manager, IBM

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