Don't forget to modify your search engine definitions

Within the past couple of months, there have been two major changes in the search engine market that can affect your data:

1. Google changed the URLs that will appear in your Referrer reports and are used for keyword parsing. Unfortunately, the URL they use is one that is explicitly excluded in NetInsight's default keyword definitions. If you're an On Demand customer, Unica has already made this modification for you. If you're On Premise, you've probably received a communication about what to change, but in case you haven't, be aware. Here is a sample Google referrer:

2. Microsoft launched their new search engine, Bing. This isn't configured for us in On Demand yet, so if you think it's relevant you might want to set up a Referrer Group and Keyword definitions. Here is a sample Bing referrer:

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Comment by Angie Brown on July 2, 2009 at 5:50am
If you want exact instructions, I'd recommend just asking your account rep... they probably have something they can send to you.

It would likely affect both your referrer groupings (either adding Bing as its own, or move it into MSN/Live), and then you'll need to ensure it's in your keyword definitions.
Comment by Linda Burg on June 30, 2009 at 11:17am
I'm On Premise so what exactly do I need to change? So what exactly has to change in the Keyword parcing rules? Remove the url?

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