Why is my properly tagged traffic not being bucketed correctly


Does anyone have any ideas why I would be seeing many visits which were tagged with the umedium parameter (from a paid search or banner ad link) show up with medium = none (in other words as direct traffic)?

I've tested with an http analyzer tool and the parameters are being correctly bucketed at that point.

Thank you.

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Can you give us a clue as to the whole landing page URL that you're using and how you're reporting on this campaign activity in NetInsight - are you using the built-in campaign tracking or parameters or what?


Hi Bob, thanks so much for helping. Here's one of the urls from the entry page breakdown report. I kept everything the same except the values.

http://www.mywebsite.com/?WT.mc_id=XYZ12424&source=XYZ12424&... Link&uadpub=A PUBLISHER&ucreative=CREATIVE_NAME&ucampaign=MY_CAMPAIGN

For some reason this didn't make it into the Text Link bucket. 


From what you're saying I'd guess that you have a parameter to extract this, but that doesn't explain how the 'none' ends-up there (unless you have an interesting/complex configuration, but then you wouldn't be asking this sort of question here).

Unless anyone else has any ideas I'd suggest either using your support contract or if you want to mail me more details privately I would be very willing to take a quick peek at some point (the first one is always free).

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