We currently have a two-three step testing process:

1. Test new tags via WASP, Firebug, or Tamper Data to ensure proper values at the correct triggers.
2. Test that the new values are processed in NetInsight and appear in the expected reports.
3. (Optional) Verify the tag in the log file if any problems arise with reports.

This works great for Firefox but not for IE. Unfortunately, if we are going to run into browser issues it is usually with IE. Any ideas on how to test triggers and values via IE? I've used Fiddler in the past but find that messy and time consuming. Omniture has a JavaScript debugger that works with all browsers. Anyone know of something similar for NetInsight?


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This isn't WA tool-specific, but someone created something similar to FireFox's Live HTTP Headers for IE:

I've used it, and it's not as configurable as the one for FF, but it does show you the headers getting passed through and can be used to QA tags. I'm curious about the httpeyes application by the same guy, but couldn't get it to work on my PC.

With all the flash and AJAX tagging we are doing I feel like I live in QA...When does the analysis start ;) I have created the following validation protocol, socialized it to the engineering team and am getting good feedback.

Tag Validation

Verify that the page tags are loading by checking the http headers with your preferred packet sniffer/http debugger tool.
I recommend:

Firebug with Fire cookie


Fiddler for IE

* For an Analytics JavaScript code to be successfully rendered, it has to make a ‘Status 200' call to the respective Datacenter meaning the request has been completed
* Ensure tag does not cause any JavaScript? errors
* Ensure that all redirects are implemented properly and correctly pass any campaign query parameters to the page. Ensure that everyone is using 301 Permanent Redirects where possible.
* Ensure that the tags are setting the correct 1st and/or 3rd party cookies
* Ensure tag is passing required variables as outlined in the PRD
* Ensure all Events are passed to the solution

NetInsight On Demand – Data Validation

There are two main components to data validation:

1. Validating the page tag implementation

* Validating the page tags
* Validating data collected

2. Validating data against secondary analytics tool (optional)

To validate the page tag implementation:

1. Ensure that the tag has been inserted into a header/footer that is included in all pages, or
that the tag has been inserted into all pages. Verify that the tag can be seen in the body of
the page when viewing the source of pages. If a non-universal tag was applied, verify
each type of tag that was applied.

2. If there are multiple load balanced servers serving the Unica JavaScript?, ensure that the
JavaScript? file is propagated to all servers.

3. Use a browser sniffer (there are many tools available) to validate the outbound tag
requests. The best sniffers include a query string parameter breakdown, which allows
you to easily see the parameters being passed to NetInsight:
When reviewing the parameters passed in the page tag request, make sure any expected
custom parameters being passed through the NTPT_GLBLEXTRA, NTPT_PGEXTRA,
or NTPT_GLBLCOOKIES variables are included.

4. The tag should not cause any JavaScript errors, however we recommend that tags be
tested in a development environment before they are implemented in production. This
will also be a good place to customize the parameters passed to NetInsight and validate
that the parameters are passing data as expected.

5. Developing a test scenario that covers tracking for your KPIs and all custom/event
tagging that has been implemented is highly recommended. Please feel free to work with

* Technical Account Manager at Unica to assist in validating your test scenarios.

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