Any tips on troubleshooting the Page Title Resolution feature?  When running NetTracker from the command line I receive the following error:

ERROR: Failed to contact server - page title resolution via HTTP will not be used

Which is curious because I can copy and paste the entire request string into my browser and the page will come up just fine.


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Delayed response from me - haven't been online for a bit.

It's the NetInsight server that needs to be able resolve the URL - specifically the nettracker process.

Do you have any proxy servers to worry about? (and have you specified them?)

Most importantly, I would really really suggest avoiding page title resolution.

1. It's sloooooooooww (compared to anything else (other than the other checkbox - hostname resolution, that's generally slower))

2....99 so many other reasons. Sorry, don't have time/willpower to type them now. (sorry)

See if there's another way to give meaning to the urls, use a data conduit or a DME
It's funny. I can type the URL or copy and paste them into a browser on the NetInsight server and the pages render without a problem, no proxies or the like in the way.

I definitely agree with the speed, but I do like to use the (attempt anyway) the Page Name Resolution feature when I am running the initial design workshops.

Maybe I will dig around and see if there is some sort of timeout setting.
Watch your webserver logs to see if Netinsight is polling the pages, if you don't see it then there is a communications problem

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