Can anyone advise how to track redirect pages in Netinsight. For instance, I have a page (page 1) that redirects to another page (page 2) but all of campaign urls (which contain valuable tagging info) go to Page 1. How can I keep the campaign parameters from falling off (and the visit from subsequently being bucketed as direct) during the redirect to Page 2?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Matt,

There will need to be a bit of code trickery on your redirection / interstitial page to hand off the query string parameters and force the retention of the source link.

Assuming you are using a web solution that isn't just raw HTML, you can capture the original referrer on page 1 and when the user is redirected to page 2 you set the header location to the original source (PHP example: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=2012380 ). Using a similar method, you would capture the page 1 query string and then hand it off to page 2, appending to whatever the original string should be on page 2.

Here is an example:

Original Referrer: http://yahoo.com/

First Landing Page: http://mysite.com/campaign/LandingPage1Interstitial.php?nicam=foo&a...

Redirection Destination Page: http://mysite.com/campaign/LandingPage2Destination.php?something=else (referrer presented as direct or local domain)

Resulting Redirection Destination Page: http://mysite.com/campaign/LandingPage2Destination.php?something=el... (referrer presented as http://yahoo.com/)

It certainly isn't pretty, and it means that you'll need to adjust the first landing page, but it will give you what you are likely looking for.

Alternatively you would just have a pause/sleep on Page 1 to ensure that the page tag fires in time to capture the page view (and resulting campaign information).

I hope this helps,

Lee Isensee
Director, Solutions Engineering and Product Strategy

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