Talend Component for Netinsight API Released

Hi everyone,

I published a component for Talend that allows you to easily interface with your Netinsight Installation.  I have been using it on a weekly basis for a few months and not had any issues.  

Here's a link.  It's free.  Feel free to post any questions here or over at talend and I'll try to get back to you.

Talend is an open source ETL tool.


Steve Crawford

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Looks interesting. I haven't played with Talend before, but I'll try and do so.

BTW: Is the typeo of 'PLATEFORM' in tNetinsightInput_java.xml intentional?

Hey Bob.  I hope it can be useful to you!

'Plateform' isn't actually a typo (or at least it isn't my typo).  It is a Talend specification.

Let me know if you have any problems installing it.  Talend is a great tool but sometimes is finicky with libraries for custom components.

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