For just a few profiles, When we run a report its fails after running a while, any idea where to start with?

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Hi, A few details would not be a problem

e.g. can't insert... into aggregate table rxxxxxx



You really don't seem to have a very stable install of NetInsight - looking back at some of your previous posts it seems to blow-up fairly frequently (this isn't what we'd generally expect at all).

Anyway, which version is this about? Later versions have changed how reports are triggered/run and earlier versions had a way to prevent heavy reports from failing/timing out.

So - which version?

What sort of fail/error? (as m'colleague  Wayne asked)


Hello Ankit,

I absolutely agree with Bob regarding the stability of your setup, of which a majority of the errors coming from either a database error that is impacting NetInsight or in same cases someone simply changing permissions or some other configuration setting.

I would *HIGHLY* recommend that you engage technical support and/or consulting services to help fix your problems. While you're involvement in the forum is appreciated, the number of posts that are not related to the typical user experience seems to be weighing the more relevant posts down.

I hope you understand,


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