Privacy compliance - depersonalization/ IP obfsucation

I'm wondering if NetInsight is able to depersonalize or otherwise obfuscate IP addresses.  We're using IBM NetInsight 8.5.0 and are facing a new privacy standard that requires we depersonalize or obfuscate IP addresses if we are to retain data past 18 months.  Since I like to have 2 year's worth of data stored in profiles and 5 year's worth of archived log files handy, this poses significant challenges.  Does anyone have an idea on how we could approach this problem? 



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Hi Mike....

An interesting question. I believe there is a solution to this BUT my first you have the option to re-import the 2-years of data?? As for the archived.....remember these are only html that will be shall we say 'more challenging'.....



Hi Wayne, yes, we can always re-import the data.  It's an extremely busy site, so it will take a long time to import 2 year's worth of data, but it wouldn't be the first time we've done so.  BTW, when I mentioned archives, I was speaking about archived web server logs and not archived NetInsight reports.



Not to be a copy-cat but you could take the approach that GA uses which is zero-ing out the last octet of the IP address. Assuming you are using cookies or user authentication the impact to your visitor metrics should be minimal but your hosts report will be useless.

Lee Isensee
Director, Solutions Engineering and Product Strategy

Thanks, Lee.

Is there an automated way of obscuring the last octet in NI or would that have to happen at the web server end? I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of this type of question. 

As a side note, with cookie blocking on the rise, I worry about the validity of the data eventually being eroded if we can't maintain rich data from IP addresses. 

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