In NI staging environment I am using common staging pixel (http://stage.ntpagetag.gif ) for  5 different websites of one client. I have created Dashboards for 5 different profiles and added the filter  as Page:,, ,, and got their corresponding dashboard reports perfectly. Which means that in all the 5 different profiles while adding the filter Page, path, directory, we can see all 5 different webpage URLs listed in the dropdown in which i can select the desired URL.


The questions comes here

I have created 6th profile for 6th website by copying the existing and made the necessary changes.

I have created Dashboard for the 6th profile but while trying the add the filter Page: , it is not listing in the drop down. Any reason for not listing the 6th website URL in the drop down?


 It is a priority issue for me and please help me to resolve this issue.


Thanks for your help in advance.




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So you have a profile for each websiten ? in which case your filters would be out in options->filters, which doesn't have a pre-populated drop-down for any of the screens. Unless it's your browser that's remembering past values.

Can you post a screenshot of where you're seeing the drop-down?

You WILL see drop-downs in the normal reporting interface, but I can't see why you'd be adding a filter out there in order to define what gets ETL'd into a profile.


Hi Bob,


Initillay i haven't noticed that the copied profile (B) has the filters of the exisiting profile (A). Now I have removed the filters from the copied profile (B) and added the new filter only for that tagged website. By doing so i can see the website URL is appearing in the Discover -> filters.


Thanks & Regards,


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