"organic search" metric -- how to adjust for hidden keywords in Google?

I don't use NetInsight very much.. so I'm not caught up on this for this tool.. I am sure you all have figured this out.

I have an on-premise client whose calculated metric for organic search is 'paid keywords don not exist, entry keywords DO exist'.  Given that Google organic keywords are no longer actually passed, the metric is not picking up most of their organic search traffic.

What do on premise customer need to do to modify their organic search metric?  My first though might be a URL search and replace filter, but I wanted to find out if there is something more straight forward than that.



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Hello Elizabeth!

Let's breathe a collective sigh here.


The classic "not provided" issue. You have options, and while none of them are too friendly, they aren't overly complex either (if someone has another option, please chime in...). I do not believe there is any way to use S&R rules to create a keyword where one didn't exist in NetInsight's eyes.

1. You can pre-process your data before NetInsight sees it, inserting "not provided" as a search term wherever it needs to be present.

2. You can modify tags to pass a "not provided" keyword along in the referring URL whenever it needs to be present.

3. You can add a UDP to profiles to write a "not provided" keyword into the database for the appropriate situations.

#3 is the safest and cleanest, except that it requires you touch the database. #1 and #2 do not get you a retroactive fix (unless with #1, you reload data).

Do you have access to the database to make a couple of changes to set up the UDP? If so, I can test something and post it online later this week...

Thanks for your replay Todd!  I saw a suggestion for a S&R solution which I am going to try later today hopefully.

If you have a UDP solution it would probably be helpful to have it documented for anyone that wants to try that. 


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