Finally getting around to a long list of customizations to our NI install.  I am looking forward to customizing the UI to the needs of my colleagues.  As well, after taking some time away to work on developing better KPIs, it is time to try to integrate them into NI.  It is also the time to see if there are any goodies out there that we might find of value that I hadn't seen while distracted for the last while.

I had recently heard about a social media plugin for NetInsight.  Does anyone know where I can find more about this (where to download, installation, etc.)?  Also, if anyone has had experience with it, I'd be interested in hearing (pros, cons, business value, ease of use, etc.).

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Mike! Unless something has changed (I'm not the most up to date person, having not seen NI9 for example), I would not worry about checking into the NetInsight official plug in, and would instead start with your own needs. I can't say enough bad things about that old plug in, and I am guessing you can not find it through official channels. Maybe there is a new one. I hope so.

Do you use any external data analysis/visualization tools against the NI data? What kind of social integration with your web data would you like to have? 

I have plans for building some things this year, one specific integration is around Twitter and pulling data/stats back on activity there to feed back to the social team. I am especially excited about analyzing the content of the tweets and the pages linked to... unfortunately, with NetInsight, I think you are on your own if you're looking for integration with social media. Again, I'm not exactly up to date, and would love to be proven wrong...

Thanks for your candid reply, Todd.  I was hoping the plugin offered at least a little more than what we were getting without it.  And I was hoping it could be installed with minimal effort.  It would be nice to see a summary of the plugin’s features, just in case there’s some business intelligence to be extracted.

On the web analytics front, my only current SM measurement is referrers.  We are currently moving toward link tagging and working with comms to create content with stronger calls to action to measure conversions.

I am currently evaluating dashboarding/reporting tools (ex. that can take data from multiple, disparate sources into a central environment.  While I’m concerned about the effort required to work in yet another tool, I see a lot of value in leveraging the data behind NetInsight in conjunction with other data sources through a common platform. Just wish I could clone myself.

We use Sysomos Heartbeat for our SM monitoring and analysis, but I want to bridge the gap between Heartbeat and NetInsight.  We are interested in measuring SM traffic from both our own SM comms efforts (mostly on FB and Twitter), as well as the SM traffic completely unrelated to our communications efforts (yet related to our mandate or areas of interest).  Since we are an issues-driven org (fedGov), we are just as interested in issues/crisis management and the stakeholder environments as we are in brand/reputation management

Our organization still takes a web-centric comms approach, where all roads lead to our website.  While the future will undoubtedly see greater decentralization of content, it's not on our radar yet.  I’m predicting our efforts for the next two years will be focused on:

  • refining how we collect and analyze data from traffic to our website from all of our digital, and
  • analyzing social media mentions for issues/crises, business intelligence and brand/reputation management.



Just in case, it would be worth making sure there is no sanctioned plug in any longer. At the least, it lets folks at IBM know that we're out here.

Got it! Yes, link tagging was last years project for me, and now that each piece of content that goes out socially is tagged I would like to start pulling in the details. 

With my primary client, we integrate both within the NetInsight database itself, and by shipping the same details out to a centralized database. Reporting is generally done via Tableau. Depending on your organizational structure / IT relationship / tools in place, utilizing the NetInsight database to pile some of these other things into can be a decent place to start (especially being web centric), but Klipfolio looks great. 

There were two Social Media Solution Packs, for Twitter and Facebook, but both have since gone the way of the Dodo as they relied on older versions of the respective company's APIs. In many cases they can easily be replaced by creating a service that would populate a database table and then using a DME to join everything together.

Lee Isensee
Director, Solutions Engineering and Product Strategy

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