Does netinsight have capability to perform multi-funnel analysis (beyond last click attribution)? I haven't been able to find anything on my own.

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There is an attempt at this in the latest version (8.6, maybe even 8.5). Take a look under options -> reporting -> integrations. Then add the 'Marketing Attribution' integration.

I've only had a little play with this, so let me know how it goes.

If it doesn't meet your needs then it would be possible to craft something by hand and integrate it back with a DME.

Hi Matt,

As Bob referenced, the latest release of NetInsight has built in capabilities to parse tracking URLs from every occurrence, and not just the first view of a visit. This also comes along with a conversion paradigm which allows you to start treating micro and macro conversions. The catch is that some of the built-in reporting is not as flexible as other areas of NetInsight -- from an attribution perspective, you can get first/last/multi-touch insights, but only against your e-commerce conversions (sales) or this new conversion functionality. If you have older custom conversion parameters, etc., they would not apply without extra effort.

And as Bob notes, customization can get you there... that, or working with the data outside of NetInsight altogether, if you have another solution for visualization or analysis.

Thanks guys.

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