It occurred to me that it would be a good idea to separate local search (we have our own search engine) from the search traffic that comes from other search engines.  I think it would be quite beneficial to know what keywords people use to search, once they are already on our site.

I first generated a keyword report from the Exec dashboard and then tried to filter for initial referrer containing the domain where our search engine resides, but I wasn't getting any results.

Perhaps my approach is right, but I've made an error in the specifics of the execution or perhaps my approach is simply wrong.  Any suggestions?



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Keywords used on other (external) search engines should show-up on the Keywords report (or Entry Keywords if you're on a more recent version) - the data for these are obtained from the referrer data on the entry page to your site, so unless 'your' search engine is running externally to your site, you won't see any of your keywords in there anyway.

Take a look under options-content-local keywords - fill-in the blanks to match your site (post a link to your site here and we can suggest settings if you like).

Doing that will populate the Local Keywords dimension and thus the Local Keywords report.

If your search engine *is* external to your site and you're not loading any data for it, then this may be a bit harder, in which case report back and we'll have another go.


Thanks Bob. Although our search engine is internal, I had expected that keywords would be carried as a referrer to whatever destination page the user clicks from the search results page.  So I didn't realize I would have needed to actually configure NI for local keywords.  This makes sense now.

I see two areas for config on the Local Keyword setting.  "Local keyword parameter" and "Pages or scripts to be analyzed for local keywords".  Am I right to assume that all I would need to do is add the path of the search result page in the second field?

Also, would this require reprocessing the entire profile's data?

Thanks again,


It will be carried on *a* referrer - just not the one that's going to be loaded/parsed into Keyword.

Yes - specify the path of the results page (as it looks on the Page Summary in NetInsight). If you use a particularly odd parameter you should specify it as well, but (IIRC) NetInsight will use the same list of parameters as the 'Auto Detect' option under marketing-keywords (I think I'd specify it - just to be sure).

Is this: yours? Are you using a google appliance? If so, do you have data from that search results page in NetInsight?

I think I understand that, just because it gets carried into a referrer doesn't mean it gets carried in "the" referrer, as far as the system  generating keywords is concerned.  However, I figured any keyword used to access a page from a srp, would be contained into the overall entry keywords list. and all I needed to do was filter out everything but our own referrer.  So, I'm still not clear as to whether the entry keywords include our local search or not, but I can certainly see how I would need to tell NI the difference between local and external search through configuration.

Yes, that ours, yes we are using the Google Mini appliance (for now) and yes I have data from /sr/search in the sense that it shows up in the top pages report.  So it makes sense that I could simply plug that path/page into the local keywords config.  Are you suggesting to manually enter "q" as the parameter or "auto detect"?

Next questions will be even more tricky (for me, anyway) as I try to see how I can use NI to help create composite measurements, but I'll climb this hill first.

Appreciate your time,


That all sounds hopeful and yes, I'd manually enter 'q'.

And it will start loading new data from the next -update, but if you want the historic data you'll need to clear/update.


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