Issues while exporting the Executive Dashboard Report


When i am exporting the executive dashboard report it shows following issues.


1. Sometimes it shows "webpage cannot be found" while exporting.

2. I am unable to export the report when i select the option as "all the data".

3. I can able to export the report when i select the option as "just the screen" but the report is showing all the data with its dimension and values in one single column but not as like shown in the executive Dashboard.


Please let us know your comments and suggessions regarding the above mentioned queries.


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Which export format are you aiming to use here?

As an aside, (my opinion only) the out-of-box executive dashboard is bad not great. It's heavy and thus slow and often contains stuff that is either misleading or irrelevant (that is, it's probably relevant to someone, but not to everyone) .

We would always aim to develop a new/better dashboard to show people to give a better first impression.

Export format that i am aiming is CSV




On Netinsight I get the attached. It flattens the separate dashboard sections down to two columns (which I think is actually quite nice).

The  'All the rows' / 'maximum data allowed' option doesn't do anything and I wouldn't expect it to - it's really meant to control how many rows of data are exported on a 'normal' dimension.

So I can confirm that  #3 is probably as designed - #1 and #2 are another issue entirely (and probably a matter for IBM Support)

I have driven the NetInsight reporting API before (via a lump of VB in Excel) to create a dashboard report (with charts and looking all pretty) in Excel. Perhaps that's an alternative method to get what you're after.

OR (and I've just thought of this) - use that exported dashboard (all in one column) as the source data for another sheet in a workbook that creates a nicely formatted view.


Thank you so much Bob :)




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