How to Track a Product usage in Unica Netinsight? and How to write test cases for collecting data in Unica by tracking the product usage?


The query is about a product usage tracking using Unica Neitinsight and not about website tracking.


Consider a product interface uses a plugin or widget for accessing information from collection of internal websites.

When a customer searched and clicks the plugin or widget the requested information will get populated from thier internal to the product interface. (i.e) The product plugin acts as a tool for accessing the information.


1. Is there any provision available in Unica for tracking a product? If yes, Where should we implement the Unica tracking code for product?

2.How can we track this product plugin usage using Unica Netinsight? To know what are all the information searched using this plugin.

3.How can we write test cases for collecting data in Unica for product usage tracking?

Here the Product - Is like a portal or tool used by the customers for accessing certain information from their websites based on their search terms.


Please help me on the above queries.

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1 & 2:

our question isn't entirely clear, but take a look at the 'tracking retail activity' section of the page tag guide, or the relevant chapter in the admin guide.

That describes how you can record a product view as well as subsequent product actions (add to cart, checkout etc)

Alternatively you can just record an event 'Product Viewed' or 'Product Search' and add page tag parameters to record the specifics (product name, SKU, value, supplier, category etc).


Good question. Are you thinking about an automated test tool or a human QA team?

Thank you so much for your reply Bob.

As you said for 1&2 I will check the retail activity section in Admin guide to get some idea.

Regarding 3, we thought of writing the test cases manually and then moving to automated test tool. Any suggessions.



No extra suggestions re #3 I'm afraid - I'm not sure that there's an easy short-cut.

Its fine.


Thank you so much for your valuable time and reply


Best Regards,


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