F.T.C Online Privacy Plan - How to make NetInsight compliant

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As a couple of you may have seen recently, there was an F.T.C. proposal submitted to protect end users from their behavior being tracked (http://www.ftc.gov/os/2010/12/101201privacyreport.pdf).
The New York Times wrote an article about this proposal which details some of the concerns and likelihood of implementation (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/02/business/media/02privacy.html).

This represents a large change for a number of web analytic solutions on the market and should your organization require that you comply to this new plan you are already covered with Unica NetInsight - both NetInsight OnDemand as well as on premise.
While the data will not be completely deleted, it will not be identifable to a specific user - rather the visitor traffic will be represented as "None" along with all other users that opt-out.

The only thing you will need to change to your site is to create a new "Opt-Out" cookie. The contents of this cookie do not matter, as long as you keep track of the value NetInsight can exclude those users with the cookie value present.

For on premise customers:
If the visitor chooses to opt out, the site would assign a persistent "blank" cookie containing a non-unique value (usually "OPT_OUT") to the visitor to indicate that the cookie cannot be used for identification.

The cookie value for the corresponding visits and views will appear as None in reports.
1. View the profile in which you want to specify an opt-out cookie value.
2. Click the Options tab.
3. In the Options panel, select Visitors > Sessionization.
4. In the Opt-out cookie value box, enter the opt-out cookie value. This value is case-sensitive.
5. Click Save Options.

Unica NetInsight will use the opt-out cookie value in all new data that you import from now on.
6. If this is what you want, click Continue.

If you want Unica NetInsight to use the opt-out cookie value in data you have already imported, you will need to delete your profile data and reimport your log files.

For NetInsight OnDemand customers:
Simply advise your Technical Account Manager (TAM) of the opt-out cookie value and they can update your profiles for you.

I hope this information is useful,

Lee Isensee
Unica an IBM Company
T: @OMLee

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