I just started analysis on my first cold fusion site and I am wondering if I can get anything of value from the CFTOKEN and CFID cookies. It appears that NetInsight can perform the visitor analysis adequately without, but I am wondering if there are other uses for these values.

Any thoughts?

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You'll likely want to use some persistent cookies from somewhere to identify visitors and sessionize the traffic. Providing that one/both of these are persistent, first-party and don't get updated for a single visitor over time then you use them for sessionization/visitor identification.
Two things to watch out for:
-if you have more than one CF instance for a site, are they consistent between the?
-if you ever stop using CF, then this mechanism will break

You may be better establishing your own persistent cookie for vivsitor identification - that way it can be maintained reliably over time, even if you move away from CF or if CF stops using these cookies in the way that it does now.

Please reply back with thoughts/comments/questions in the thread.
Thanks Bob - those are two great points regarding the CF cookies! We are getting pretty good sessionization data now for our anonymous visitors, and we are using cookies for our authenticated users.

Thanks for the feedback!

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