Are regular expressions supported for Events

Does anyone know if regular expressions are supported for configuring events?  I have a group of events, all with different endings in the event tag (intentionally, with the hope of rolling up the group), and am trying to set up an event for the entire group.  I attempted a simple regular expression, but it doesn't seem to be recognized.  Has anyone had luck with this?

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I believe regular expressions only are going to work on parameters values based on the events and not the events themselves. The events will alwyas be parsed in lowercase as the come through an ev=. You must be applying a search and replace rule some where. Can you paste a snapshot of it.
You can create a new parameter (page tag), looking for ev on the type of event.
Once you have this then go to URL Search & Replace and create a new rule that modifies the new event parameter you just created, using regexp.

Lee Isensee
Unica Corporation
Thank you! No I hadn't tried using URL search and replace. For this, I ended up going the long way and used multiple input metrics to add up all events in a group. Next time, I'll try this.

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